The great violinist Nicolo Paganini willed his marvelous violin to the city of his birth, Genoa, on the condition that the instrument never again be played. It was an unfortunate condition, for it is a peculiarity of wood that as long as it is used and handled, it shows little wear. But when it’s is abandoned, it decays overtime. The exquisite, mellow-toned violin had become worm-eaten in its beautiful case, valueless except as a relic*.

The story of Paganini moldering instrument reminded me of my late father’s German made violin. It was moldy, covered with thick ‘sticky’ dust, broken bridge, pegs when it was removed from the storeroom. Fortunately its woods were spared from worm-eaten although it was abandoned for about 20 years. I restored it back to a playable condition. It has since became a musical instrument again and often played by my daughter and others in the family.

*Excerpt from ‘Leadership Excellence’ by Phil Pringle. Publisher: PAX Ministries

An instrument that is not being used is a dead wood

“Unleash Your Talent, Pursue Your Passion”

Charitable Programme Year 2011 - Seam Reap

Two of the recipients of our violins in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 12 November, 2011

Violins in various sizes were donated to a children homes in Seam Reap, Cambodia on the 25th of Oct, 2011

Beneficiary of for the year 2012, COSI Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 21 June, 2012

Our Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe in being environmentally responsible, in improving the lives of children of less fortunate and equality in the appreciation of musical arts. With this company philosophy we have embarked on the following activities:

· We repair and re-condition instruments, recycle them as supplies for our instrument donation programme

· By recycling instruments we’re also reducing the amount of ‘instrument waste’ that may otherwise end up as landfill thus doing our part for environmental conservation

· We’re donating instruments regularly to children homes since year 2011 under our program “Unleash your talent, pursue your passion”

“Unleash Your Talent, Pursue Your Passion”

Charitable Program Year 2012 - “COSI” Phnom Penh

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Luthier For Professional Repairs and Restoration

One of the beneficiaries of 2011 donation from COSI, Cambodia                        Photo dated December 2013

“Unleash Your Talent, Pursue Your Passion”

Charitable Program Year 2015 - “Sok Sobay” Phnom Penh

Number of violins set donated to Sok Sabay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Year-to-date : 7

Sok Sabay is a residential shelter for children who have been rescued from domestic violence, physical or mental abuses, slavery, starvation, abandonment or acute and chronic malnutrition. The children are provided with a caring and stable living environment in which to grow and learn, and are provided with an education so that they become independent confident young adults; an opportunity that all children deserve

“Unleash Your Talent, Pursue Your Passion”

Charitable Program Year 2016 - “Ang Misyon” Philippines

Total 31 sets of violin outfit donated

- 18 violins to Children homes in Siem Reap; COSI and Sok Sabay Phnom from 2011 to 2014in Cambodia.

- 13 violins to the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth of ‘Ang Misyon’ in the Philippines from 2015 to 2016. f

Handed violins to the Artistic  Director of “Ang Misyon”

String Workshop at YFO and OFY