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Orchestra Violins 管弦乐团及四重奏用提琴

★★★★★  High popularity among junior orchestra players. The most value for money and a great sounding orchestra violin.

German Made Violins 德国师傅手工琴

★★★★★  Suitable for Orchestra, Solo performance. Flawless creation of German Masters, hand-picked by our luthier.

Italian Made Violins 意大利师傅手工琴

★★★★★  Hi-end soloist violins, creation of Italian Masters, hand-picked by our luthier. Suitable for use in competition and recital performance

Eastern European Made Violins 东欧师傅制造

Affordable violins 实惠优质提琴

For usage of violin learning up to advanced level students



Giovanni Maturato

Gunter Lobe

Igor Laubach

Rainer Leonhardt

Heinrich Gill

Bernd Dimbath



Giovanni Grande

Hagen Weise

Mathilde Palayer

Giorgio Grisales

Lillo Salerno

Raffaelo Di Biagio Labo

Edgar Russ Labo

All Affordable Violins

Hristo Nikolov

Wessex England

England Made Violins 英国制造

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