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Award Winning Master Violin Maker

Gunter Lobe

1977    Apprenticeship as a violinmaker in Bubenreuth and Mittenwald (Germany)

1980    2nd prize in the national "Competition for Young Craftsmen" (Leistugswettbewerb der Handwerksjugend")

1987    Master's degree with a diploma of distinction

1989    Silver medal for a violin at the International Violinmakers' Competition in Mittenwald, Germany

1994    Silver medal for a viola at the 7th International Violinmakers' Antonio Stradivari Competition in Cremona, Italy

1997    Award for a cello at the Triennale Internazionale of string instruments in Cremona, Italy

1997    2nd prize in the category "sound" for a cello in the 3rd International Violinmakers' Competition in Mittenwald

2001    International Violinmakers' Jakobus Steiner Competition: special prize for a Matteo-Goffriller cello

2003    Premiere of a new cello (a copy of one by Domenico Montagnana) at the International Music Fair in Frankfurt (Germany)

2003    Best German violinmaker in the category violin at the Triennale Internazionale in Cremona

2006    Special prize for the second-best violin (Guarneri model) at the 11th International Violinmakers Antonio Stradivari Competition in Cremona, Italy

2008    Elected head of the craft guild of string instruments (Erlangen, Germany)

Gunter Lobe Master Violin, 2016

Guearneri del Gesu ‘King’ 1735

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