Sound Improvement / Sound Adjustment

Luthier S.K. Lim is trained in the United Kingdom for improvement of the acoustics of stringed instruments.

He applies this valuable knowledge on your instrument for an absolute best and optimal sound production.

Our unique sound optimization procedure has helped many players get the most out of their instruments. You too can do justice for your instrument. Send your instrument to Johann Strings for a free assessment and advice.


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Luthier For Professional Repairs and Restoration

Top Quality Sound Post

Sound post is the soul and heart of the instrument. Its primary function is to pass down the vibration from the top plate of the instrument onto the bottom plate of the violin. Through the vibration of the top and bottom plates, amplification of sound happens thus producing a strong and focus tone. Achieving the most and a desirable sound production requires none but high level of skill and years of experience in fitting the sound post.

We apply the Italian violin making school method when come to set up of instruments. We use only top quality European spruce for the material of the sound post, without compromise!

Val di fiemme timber Italy


The choice of tone-wood for stringed instruments starts in the forests of the Fiemme Valley, where we select the trunks in areas and at altitudes best suitable for tonewood. The selected trees are cut down in late autumn only, in waning moon period.
It is not easy to carry out this traditional and tested process and frequently it meets with resistances in the standard cutting and deforestation.
But the Ciresa Firm is undertaking, as much as possible, to follow this method, assuring very good results.

The logs are carried to a small saw-mill, where they are quarted according to our directions.
Afterwards the quarters are sawn or split, obtaining perfect radial sections, and with a careful selection the defective parts are rejected.
The sawn pieces undergo a 
natural seasoning on our timber-yard for at least four years; then they are controlled, processed and divided according to the different quality degrees.
After a long time and a careful choice, the selected tone-wood is stored and placed at the customers' disposal.


Credit to E. Ciresa s.r.l. Italy

Top Quality Bridge

The function of an instrument bridge is to transfer the vibrations of the violin strings to the top of the violin, then into the violin body through the sound post. Therefore the material of the bridge directly impact how much the amount of vibration is preserved or lost. The end result of this will impact how well your violin will sound. How the bridge is prepared and aligned are also utmost critical process one cannot take lightly.

Let us re-set up your instrument with a top quality bridge for a better sound and tonal quality.