Instrument Repair sand Restoration Services 

Step through the process of repairing a broken corner of an antique French violin by our violin restorer


A vintage Germen violin “Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer 1813” was restored




‘Fried. Aug Glass’  circa 1900 was restored

Repairing of the chipped off corners of an old French violin

Replace a bad nut which has too deep the groove

Raise neck angle

Text Box: Inserted wedge in the white
Text Box: Completed insertion of wedge and raise the neck
Text Box: Violin Shop, workshop and music school, Singapore - Violin, Viola and Cello
Luthier For Professional Repairs and Restoration

Works available for violin, viola and cello, but not limited to these:

Comprehensive instrument care - The following are the works involved:

remove all fittings ; complete clean-up; polishing; examine for cracks and recommend for repair; sound post adjustment; works relating to right strings measurement; pegs treating; re-setup; and tonal checks.

Just cleaning and polishing of instrument

Sound adjustment  more

Fitting a new professional bridge (Despiau or Aubert  Bridge from France)

Re-sit soundpost or new soundpost using European A quality material

Re-glue fingerboard  more

Nut or saddle adjustment or cutting a new nut or saddle

Pegs replacement (a set of four, in ebony, boxwood or rosewood)

Re-fit existing pegs

New fittings (refer to Parts & Fittings page)

Front /back plate crack repairs (with cleats)

Corner repairs

Re-glue open seams

Neck-drop repairs