Photo Gallery of Our Business Trips

October 2010 - Visit to our partnersí facility in North China for production inspection

Ö where Johann Strings #65,† 150, 200 are handcrafted

Woods are stored for 20 years before start the violin making process

Cut woods are properly tagged then stored further for a number of years


Oct 2010 -†† Visit to some violin studios in Shanghai China in search for fine handcrafted violins

Visit to Shanghai Wellsound Violins

Nov 2010 - Our violin restorerís skill upgrading trip in Europe


Gluing the crack on an antique violinís front

Careful measurement is taken on the edge of violin for the saddle

Carving the violin scroll

Cutting the violin bridge

Shaping the ebony finger board

In the last step of fixing a crack: gluing permanent studs on the sealed crack

(Left) Reshaped the neck of an old violin

(Right) Re-stained the neck with color matches the body

Final touch-up of varnish for the sealed crack

Watching ĎMessiahí at the Southwell Minster in Southwell, Nottinghamshire


Text Box: Violin Shop, workshop and music school, Singapore - Violin, Viola and Cello
Luthier For Professional Repairs and Restoration

Visit to bows making masterís workshop in Bubenreuth, Germany - 2016

Heinrich Gill workshop in Germany - 2016

Mittenwald Germany - 2016