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Liutaio Lillo Salerno


Lillo Salerno, an Italian violinmaker origin from Sicily Italy.

Lillo is graduated from two famous violin making schools, a Diploma from ‘Cremona Violin Making School Antonio Stradivari’ in Italy, and a Diploma from the ‘Mittenwald School of Violin Making’ in Germany

With his double diplomas, his works reflects the combined of fine characteristics from the two schools. After graduation, he worked for several years in some famous violin making and restoring workshops to perfect his violin making and restoration of antique Instruments. He opens his own workshop in 2005.
Lillo Salerno’s customer base includes musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic, and string professors from the music conservatories.

Lillo Salerno Labo Violin, 2015

Model: Antonio Stradivari 1705 ‘antique style modificato’
Include certificate by Lillo Salerno

Violin sound sample