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ZMT Tailpiece - Enhanced sound production

ZMT is a revolutionary tailpiece design for instruments of the violin family. It dramatically enhances sound production, allowing you to discover and enjoy your instrument's full potential.

By generating more symbiotic vibrations between the strings, bridge and the sound post, ZMT creates more resonance throughout the whole body of the instrument. As a result, your instrument is more responsive, produces a broader spectrum of overtones and a more balanced timbre.


How many finetuners can I use?

Text Box: For violin and viola, you have the possibility of using the 1st and 2nd finetuner, but it is not required. 
Cello tailpieces are shipped with all four finetuners.

- See more at: http://zmtsound.com/support/faq#sthash.SsL0AZTB.dpuf

Does ZMT work with gut/steel strings?

Yes, ZMT works with any type of strings. We currently do not supply the elongated gut/steel strings, but we can help you find manufacturers who are capable of producing elongated strings.